Boy Power

The push for equal rights is not just for girls, I know this because I’m surrounded by men who are feminists too. Men who roll their eyes at a stupid sexist comment, men who see beyond gender and men who treat me as an equal.

One or two generations has seen a massive transformation in the way in which our men see the world. I look at my husband and my friends and find it incredible how different their outlooks and views are from the generation before. Just the subtle differences, where there is absolutely no thought about gender or gender roles in the day to day. Whilst I think that our Mothers deserve a big chunk of acknowledgement for this, ultimately these men deserve the credit. They see us girls as equals, the difference is they were never corrected in thinking this, never told they were superior or entitled to anything more. They overcame washing powder advert stereotypes and are the most amazing modern men.

These men look at what we can do and what we should be doing, instead of why we can’t, or shouldn’t.

I believe that when my parents generation retire we will see a huge shift in equal rights, especially in the workplace.

This generations culture is becoming extinct and they are clinging on for dear life.

Our thirty something men are on the same path as us, they want to see flexible working for all, choice for families and women listened to and respected. And the ones that don’t are outnumbered.

I go to a party and see our guys hanging out with the kids basking in every moment they get with them as they may not have had the opportunity for as much time with them throughout the week, they lap up every opportunity to be with their offspring.

They are showing their Dads how it is done, there are Grandads everywhere who are learning from their sons and son in laws and getting stuck in with the kids. And they do it all together, probably with a beer. It is a wonderful sight to behold.

I don’t think our parents and parents parents didn’t want to do this- this attitude has changed, from what I remember growing up it wasn’t “manly” to be left with the kids at a social occasion and very often the already over tired mothers would be left, quite literally holding the baby.

This change is a positive shift towards gender equality, homes and families being built on team work and fair game, and it has happened quickly.

This progress is so fast, and as the importance and relevance of gender dissolves it could be entirely different in another fifteen years.

One of the key shifts is because we have had the self confidence and worth to wait for our life partners and refused to settle. Our Parents generation is riddled with broken homes and divorce, we saw that and it educated us. Many of my friends parents are either divorced or in unhappy marriages. There was a 13% decrease in divorce rates between 2003 and 2013. (According to Office For National Sastictics). It’s worth being picky.

I am proud and delighted to be part of the change, seeing the message of our predecessors taking flight, for the change in attitudes to be taking hold and to be married to one of the many, many men who are on our team.

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