The Top Ten Things That Took Me by Surprise in My Second Trimester

  • I feel better, I woke up one day and didn’t want to vomit all over everyone. It’s excellent.
  • As people could see the physical changes that occur, my work colleagues mostly became warm and interested in my pregnancy. It was a lovely shift and one which I appreciate so much.
  • I’m a bit of a hugger. I have really noticed that people are almost worried to touch me. I think it’s out of respect and fear of being intrusive, but I don’t mind people I know giving the bump and little rub or continuing to be tactical. However, I get that not everyone is like me and I appreciate the consideration given to my personal boundaries.
  • EVERYONE of my parents generation LOVE to tell me, “make sure you get your sleep now, you won’t sleep much after the baby comes” or “ohhhh, you know your life will never be the same”. It drives me mad, I want to reply, “oh really?! I had no idea that babies cry in the night and we won’t be able to go out to raves in London every month”, and bop them on the nose. I mean honestly, we’re not morons.
  • You look pregnant. I know that’s obvious but this seems to take forever and it feels like a lifetime of being a bit chubby. Looking pregnant when you are is great- people smile me all the time and you get a seat on the train.
  • I have become OBSESSED with the movement in my belly, and freak out if the baby doesn’t move for a nano second more than usual. Basically I’m relentlessly worrying about it before it’s even born.
  • I hate being pregnant. I am so excited for the end result, but hate my body and mind belonging to someone else. I hate that I have no control over the changes and that pregnancy makes me ache, makes me tired and REALLY HOT all the time. I know how lucky I am, I don’t take that for granted for a second. I know when we meet our baby it will be worth it. But right now I would love to be able to sleep on my back.
  • Strangers love to undermine my husband by assuming he won’t help with the baby. Most unfair and untrue, he can’t wait to be a hands on Dad. It’s not OK to make these sweeping assumptions and honestly, it pisses me off.
  • I hardly had any cravings, one briefly for Heinz cream of tomato soup, that lasted all of two weeks. I thought I’d be sitting up at 3am eating gherkins.
  • The thought of walking away from work for a year became a scary reality. I was so excited basking in the idea of coffee mornings, long walks and play dates. As it gets closer It’s freaking me out. I’ve worked for the same company for 15 years- half my life and my entire adult life, it’s all I know, I am well and truly institutionalised. The sudden realisation of change pretty terrifying. No guaranteed adult social interaction. Complete unknown waters to navigate. I’m sure it will be fine, would could go wrong…

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