My Top Ten Tips for a Home Makeover

When we bought our home there was no doubt we had bitten off more than we had an anticipated.

After a full re-wire, new bathroom and kitchen, new ceilings and floors downstairs we were out of money. Then we got engaged, got married and lived out the rest of our twenties in a blur of parties, holidays, festivals and meals out. It was awesome.

I found out I was pregnant and looked around at the dusty floorboards and something took over. We had to finish the house.

In four months we have made more progress than we had in the first three years. Growing up I never lived in a house that was finished. My Dad LOVES a project so it was a never ending merrygo round of “jobs”. He’s onto the next house now…

As an adult this experience I had growing up has helped me massively in the renovation of our little house. We have a tight budget but it’s working out really well.

Here’s my top ten tips for when you don’t know where to start. It’s worked well for us so far!

1. Get the big stuff done first. Bathroom, kitchen, electrical. Although it might not be pretty, you NEED these in your home.

2. Break your house down into rooms or segments. Completely finish these areas, so then if you run out of funds (or steam) your whole house isn’t half finished and you can grow into it but by bit.

3. Finishing an area includes soft furnishings, lighting and touches. If you don’t do it when you’re completing the room, you might never get it how you imagined. These things make it a home.

4. Keep as much natural light through your house as possible by using mirrors/glass interior doors. It will make your home feel so much bigger.

5. Shop around. It’s always worth investing in one or two good quality pieces of furniture (I love John Lewis) and then adding your “touches” from places like The Range/Dunelm. Outlets are amazing too. Where would we be without Homesence?!

6. Don’t be afraid to pay someone for the big stuff if you can’t do it. Use someone recommended if you can. We are rubbish at painting- and it was worth every penny to get a Decorater in. Think how much time and money you can waste getting it wrong.

7. Have a go at the little stuff. Not sure how to hang a mirror? YouTube it. Anything that’s not going to ruin you house or make it fall down, have a go at. My logic is “how easy or expensive is it to fix if it goes wrong”. It’s worked so far!

8. Copy people. Stuck for inspiration? Pinterest and Instagram are full of brilliant ideas and hacks. Don’t be to set in your way and go for some of the more off the wall ideas- they are often the best. Nick your friends ideas too.

9. Remember this is your home, not an Ikea set. Don’t forget to include storage solutions and comfort in your design.

10. Don’t worry if it takes time, you can move in room by room- it will be worth it in the long run when your home is exactly how you want it.

3 thoughts on “My Top Ten Tips for a Home Makeover

  1. I’ve been trying to persuade said ‘Dad’ that soft furnishings and lighting are important too, but … 😂😂😂
    Beautifully written Nat xxx


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