Who Runs The World?

Still white men in suits or women trying to be white men in suits. Annoyingly.

When I fell pregnant I couldn’t fault my boss. He has been nothing but supportive throughout.Worryingly it is some (not all), but enough of my peers who silently disapprove of my inconveniencing them due to my pregnancy, and these people are mostly WOMEN.

One of my wonderful friends said to me today, “it’s like being pregnant is a hobby that women have”. And that is exactly how I have been made to feel. We went on to discuss, and forgive me if I’m wrong, that having a baby is making our future, that it’s quite convenient when they grow up to be pillars of society, make changes and save lives.

I can tell you now, feeling like you can’t put one foot in front of another and wanting to vomit every hour is inconvenient for me too, Janet. So get over it.

I hope that these attitudes change quickly. With amazing movements like Times Up and International Woman’s day I see the most wonderful empowering posts that fill me with joy and make my heart soar.

But then I go back to work and have to deal with the attitude because I won’t do some of what I used to. Because I won’t risk my baby and I don’t bloody well feel like it- it will probably make me sick on my shoe. And that breaks my heart.

Nothing will move forward, nothing will change, until us ladies, the ones on the ground, in the shops, restaurants and offices, the ones living our normal, boring lives, not the ones on the red carpet, step up and have each other’s backs.

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